My expedition as an ML Summer Intern at DRDO 🚀

2 min readAug 22, 2022


It was the steepest learning curve for me and I am cock-a-hoop that I successfully did it. It was my first in-office internship, working under the Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO), and most importantly I learned the ‘work discipline’, not gonna lie, I had the best experience I could get.

It was very helter-skelter for me from getting a confirmation for an internship at DRDO, Delhi to getting migrated to ‘Ghaziabad’ from my hometown ‘Rishikesh’ at my uncle’s house.

Believe me, traveling from Ghaziabad to Delhi was a herculean task for me as almost 4 hrs were going on in traveling (home <-> office).

Although I cannot share the details of the project I worked on in brief but my project was based on Deep Learning more specifically related to Natural Language and Processing (NLP).

So, I will be sharing my learning resources and the study material I found over the internet after a lot of surfing and reading, some of them were also recommended to me by the scientist at DRDO.

Intro to Deep Learning:

This course is a boost for understanding the basic pipeline of Deep Neural Networks and DL Models.

I’ll recommend brushing up on some ML concepts before reading this, you can go through this:

So, one of the best communities, or better say platform on AI models is from here you can learn, search different listed models, or can also contribute.

As my problem statement is from the domain of NLP, Transformers are in the action!

Follow this:

Getting started with seq2seq Models, Attention, and Transformers might be the toughest learning curve you may have ever seen. I recommend studying these two blogs, for better clarity and understanding of these topics.



There is huge content available on the internet, look at what fits you best and learn. Make sure don’t hurry, remember things take time.

I would like to bestow my sincere gratitude to the mentors and scientists under whom I worked.

Yes, all for now. Looking forward for more such journeys.

Disclaimer: I cannot share anything internal information about the internship like the name of the lab, the identity of authorities, and the project I worked on.

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