Current Scenario of Gender Equality in Tech Industry?

3 min readJun 15, 2021

“Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all kinds on oppression”

Hey, readers how are you all doing. After lot of research, experiences and thinking of my friends, colleagues in tech industry and currently studying B Tech. I had prepared this blog to make better comparison between boys and girls in Tech industry, every quote I mentioned, is opinion of my mates and everyone in its own terms is unique and thoughtful.

So, without any further ado let’s pull it over and move over the say of students.

Gender Equality In Tech!!

Ms. Megha Jajodia(Chief Product Officer Skillarena) says, “I guess females are inclined towards tech as much males are. And the best example for the same can be taken from movie Hidden Figures. Particularly, talking about India, the numbers might not match but at the same time we need to focus on the fact that there are stereotypes that for girls medical is better choice.

Meghana Penmesta(Content writer)says, “There’s definitely a lot of discrimination in promotions and the hiring process. So there’s a long way to go in order to achieve equality. Especially during this pandemic, the job security is very less for women compared to men if you see the stats.”

Rishabh Kapoor(Graphic Designer) says, “Scarcity of women in the IT sector is the matter to be concerned. For better functionality diversity and equality is must”.

Arushi Singla(Eminent Learner) says, “I think the situation is improving a lot. Many companies gives more weight-age to you if you are a female, which will cause to minimize the bridge of difference and definitely increase women ratio.”

Srijan Singh(Video Editor)says, “Indeed we need to create awareness among girls and stop any discrimination if they face so. But many big tycoon companies has fixed or drives their functionality considering women only which sometimes might be in against of boys rights. But, yes we need to change the hypocrisy of as CEO’s of most big brands are generally males.”

Paridhi Bansal(Dancer)says, “The challenges faced are most likely that there is the majority of men in the tech industry which makes them somehow dominating and they get more paychecks. Even if women pursue the degree of computer science they are not working due to less gender diversity. Sexual harassment and unsafe areas also makes it less. And the most common phenomenon is judging, I assume people would assume a man is a better coder than woman so less employment.”

Jayesh Khambat(Avid Learner)says, “No women are much lesser in terms of skills or IQ to men, but due to their less strength or lack of freedom makes their probability to reach at higher position lower.”

Shristi Aggarwal(YouTuber and Teacher)says, “Talking about tech platforms. Both males and females have equal opportunities. I mean there are no criteria of any online platform giving more advantage to one gender. Though what they deliver on those platforms may be biased. Like gaming is done better by boys. While make-up stuff taught by a female is more acceptable. So platform provides equal opportunity but the content itself can be beneficial to one gender. However, hard work and regularity are what people appreciate in the end.”

Oh damn yes, everyone has got their points and matter of concerns, this topic can be extended as much as we can. Still, we saw experiences from different people with different skill set, but one thing in common Tech Industry. To conclude it, at last hopefully not least I would like to highlight my thought process over this topic.

Aadi Jain(Speaker, Coder and Technophile) says, “Learning is a culture and in coming years, education is the essential source which ameliorates ones skills and makes them self dependent. Considering Gender Equality, I guess every case has their pros and cons, we just have to face the herculean tasks in our life and must achieve what we thrives off. I myself believe to empower girls and creating awareness for them to break the ice. Its the heels of achilles, that our society has stereotypes and still follow them, but with constant tries and awareness drives we can definitely change the perspective and it will be a Merlin’s Beard moment.”

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