Can AI replace doctors, Just as Tesla did to drivers?

Doctor Robot

Let’s the hear the say of experts?

Let’s have a battle b/w Doctors Vs Robots :|

1. Quality of Healthcare Delivery: Robotic systems don’t have feelings, they can’t get tired, and they never have a slip of attention. If this sounds like the perfect surgeon, it was also the reasoning behind multiple robots that are already used in top hospitals around the world. Called Waldo surgeons, these can bridge the gap between humans and machines and perform tasks with excellent precision, increased strength and no tremors of the knife. As long as the software is correctly set for the undergoing procedure, the human surgeon takes a secondary, supervising role.

Ending Note and my personal #Opinion :

We all knew and no matter what, AI Robots can never replace human touch or emotional feelings. Still I believe they can definitely, a alternative of doctors I will not use the term replace here as replacement means 100% effective against the previous but AI Robots may be better in decision making or accuracy still they are the creations of Human Mind and it is well said, “No matter how great the creativity of creator is, but it can never replace the creator”.
In the same means, according to my understanding and thinking, AI robots must have to come into play as we have very scarcity of qualified doctors and patient-to-doctor ratio is very poor more concentrating on India. So, if a Tesla can replace drivers that we never imagined, AI Robots can definitely alternates the doctor.
And yes, I need my own Baymax who is my personal healthcare companion.



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