10 Ways to Save Environment, ONLINE!

2 min readJun 5, 2021
Want to Save your home???
  1. Buy Eco-friendly products, and here I don’t mean by Apple smart phones.
  2. Influence and create social reels to spread message of save environment, time to use Instagram for something better.
  3. It’s easy to donate some funds to social environment organizations which are trustworthy.
  4. If you’ re a tech enthusiast, try to create something innovative like app or website that spread information on various topic related to nature and that will also enhance your skills.
  5. The plastic garbage collected at your homes, convert it into Trash Bottles.
  6. Grow some plants at your home place which will rejoice your surroundings and unfurl positive vibes. Don’t forget to water them daily.
  7. The society where you live, make it green and may create an club of peoples who take cares of your society and regulates the rules to make it green and clean.
  8. We have ample of free time, so do something resourceful like research on environment based practices, and lots more.
  9. Now, in this online mode, the paperwork has already declined. Try to use your left out notebooks or papers to get recycled and use them as rough.
  10. Conserve freshwater, electricity, use fewer chemicals, and choose reusable over single use.

I hope, you all implement certain rules in your daily life and make this world a better place to live. So, that we can proudly wish our children, Happy World Environment Day.




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